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Prepayment Ladder Pricing Water Meter

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Prepayment Ladder Pricing Water Meter

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Product description

The prepayment ladder-charging type water meter is a smart prepayment water meter specially designed for the ladder water price policy carried out over industry of tap water, which takes propeller type water meter as the base, moreover provided with reed switch, low power-consumption electrical control valve, micro-computer control system and smart card information system. It not only changes the traditional water charging method, from “charge follows water” to “water follows charge”, but also realizes the ladder water price charging function. The meter end can store 3 sets of price systems, and final monthly charge is determined by monthly water consumption of users and ladder price settings. The product satisfies all technical requirements in National Standard GB/T778-2007 Measurement on Water Flow in Enclosed Pipelines, Cold Drinking Water and Hot Water Meter and Industrial Standard CJ/T133-2007 IC-card Cold Water Meter.  


  • Accurate metering: Use high-strength material inter-machine which has low starting flow and high metering accuracy.
  • Prepayment function: Water follows charge. The valve automatically shuts down without charge, and automatically starts after charging.
  • Ladder charging function: The meter end can store multiple ladder price settings, the charge is per users’ water consumption in cycle of month; meter end indicates the remaining amount.
  • Alarm function: When the remaining water volume reaches or is lower than the alarm setting value, the water meter automatically shuts down for one time, to inform the user for purchase, and the user can open the valve to consume water yet by swiping card, and the valve will thoroughly shuts down when remaining water is 0.
  • Display function: With high-definition LCD, it can directly read the water volume, remaining water volume, accumulated water volume, valve state, battery state and other data.
  • Rust resistance function: Water meter valve automatically opens and closes at a regular time interval, in order to avoid rust of valve.
  • Attack-proof function: When the water meter is attacked by strong magnetism, the water meter automatically shuts down, and records the attack information, which can be opened only after the external interference is removed.
  • Low power-consumption design: Whole control circuit is designed with low power consumption, having the small static current and the service life of battery more than 6 years.
  • Water-proof design: The product adopts fully-enclosed design, and reading is realized by non-contacting design. Each key part is treated with multiple water protection, having great water resistance performance.
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