Qing Song Meter tells you how your smart meter is powered off

Introduction: Electric meters are indispensable to every family. The role of the electricity meter is not small, in addition to being able to see the electricity consumption, it can also play a protective role in the event of an accident. Below, the editor will explain to you how the smart meter is powered off.

1. How to power off a smart meter:
Each electric meter has a leakage protector, just open it. If there is no one, you can call a professional to repair it; the electric energy metered by the electric energy meter is determined by the product of the three elements of voltage, current, power factor and time. Therefore, changing the three elements Any one of them can make the meter run slowly, stop or even reverse.

Second, the main features of smart meters:
1. Alarm function: When the remaining power is less than the alarm power, the meter will always display the remaining power to remind the user to purchase electricity;
2. Data protection: data protection adopts all-solid-state integrated circuit technology, and the data can be maintained for more than 10 years after power failure;
3. Power reminder: When the remaining power in the meter is equal to the alarm power, the power is tripped once, and the user needs to insert the IC card to restore the power supply. The user should purchase electricity in time.

4. Automatic power failure: When the remaining power in the electric energy meter is 0, the electric energy meter will automatically trip, interrupting the power supply, and the user should purchase electricity in time.

5. Write-back function: The energy card can write back the user's accumulated power consumption, remaining power, and zero-crossing power to the power sales system to facilitate the statistical management of the management department.
6. User sampling function: The electricity sales software can provide data sampling power consumption and provide the user sequence with priority sampling according to requirements;
7. Power query: Insert the IC card to display the total power purchase, the number of power purchases, the last power purchase, the accumulated power consumption, and the remaining power;
8. Anti-power theft function: One meter and one card cannot be copied, and logical encryption can effectively prevent technical power theft.
9. Overvoltage protection function: when the actual power load exceeds the set value, the meter will automatically power off, insert the user card, and restore the power supply.
10. Low power consumption: Adopt the latest design and SMT advanced production process.
The above is an introduction to the relevant content of how the smart meter is powered off. If there is a leakage protector installed at home, it will be much more convenient, just pull it off. If not, it is best to have it repaired by a professional.

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