What are the product features of NB-IoT water meters

The NB-IoT water meter operation module automatically measures and controls the system and storage water consumption, and automatically identifies the battery status, operation data and other information content. The wireless module adopts reasonable error checking and numbering technology, which can automatically filter out errors and error reports. The anti-cracking effect and sensitivity have been further improved, so many people actually don't know much about it. Today, let's take a look at the product features of NB-IoT water meters?

The product features of NB-IoT water meter are:

1. Adopt sealed design, waterproof level IP68;

2. According to the collected water meter measurement and verification data, analyze the customer's daily water habits, and improve the management efficiency of managers.

3. Dealing with the meter reading problems of high-rise residential households in big cities: high-rise residential buildings are difficult to access and difficult to route.

4. The system architecture diagram is simple, and the data is immediately submitted to the management system;

5. Rechargeable battery undervoltage protection alarm, abnormal alarm in metering verification, attack alarm;

6. Using the Internet of Things technology network system to transmit a secure channel, the communication is stable and reliable;

7. Only NB data transmission, no wiring, easy installation and operation, convenient maintenance;

8. High anti-interference ability, high stability, high sensitivity and long transmission distance.

9. The wake-up time can be set at will, feedback data report on time, and automatically enter the low power consumption situation after communication;

10. Improve the high efficiency of meter reading in first- and second-tier cities: the population is mixed, the total flow is large, the meter reading is large, there are many models and specifications, and the compatibility mode is poor;

11. Improve service level: from management work and strict requirements to flexible management methods and technical level management.

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